Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stepan saga over, after one post.. It's magic!

And with that ladies and gentlemen the Derek Stepan saga is over. Its being reported that the 23 year old winger has signed a 2 year deal worth 3 million dollars a piece. Atta boy Step.  Must have read the article this morning.. what a stud. The Rangers now have the missing piece to their center puzzle, as well as a much needed offensive performer. Stepan was the Rangers #1 center last year, and top point scorer with 18 goals, and 26 assists with 44 points. Stepan was reportedly looking for a $7million dollar deal, while the Rangers were looking in the neighborhood of 6, because of their cap issues. None of that is of any relevance, because they finally found an asking price. It does seem as though Stepan did have to settle a bit, but honestly.. he's going to be a Ranger for a long time, the next contract they settle on will have him grinning ear to ear. For more information on the Derek Stepan contract, visit the website below. Later freaks. 

                     Steps to victory