Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Don't mess with John Tortorella

I was going to touch on this in the previous article, but this is an entity of its own. I know this took place a few days ago, but I thought this needed a little more spotlight. The media in Canada needs to get one thing straight: John Tortorella is the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks, and he's going to yell at you; deal with it.

This all started in a bought between the Vancouver Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers. Assistant coach Keith Acton's son dropped the gloves with Canucks stand out Ryan Kesler with 41 seconds left in the frame. That's right, Acton's son, like we're in fuckin pee wee's. Anyway, they dropped mitts probably because the Canucks were having their way with Edmonton, and pumped out two goals in 18 seconds.

Tortorella doesn't take kindly to his star players getting shoved around either (except Gaborik), so obviously he went the only path he could: Yelling at Will Acton's dad. Here is Acton yelling back.


He's a droopy eye and a couple teeth short of Sloth from the Goonies. Props to whoever made the comparison.  Tortorella apparently was yelling at Keith Acton for talking to his players saying;
"He's yapping at my players. I can't just sit there and watch that."
Lets not forget that a week earlier, Patrick Roy was fined 10,000 dollars for yelling at the opposing team's players from across the bench.

If you thought this was the end of the feud, it wasn't. Tortorella didn't take kindly to comments made on CBC Canada about the game, and how he handled the situation, and this was the rebuttal by Torts:

If Glenn Healy had that look more often when he was playing goalie, he'd still be in the league.  Lets be honest.. if he could play goalie in the first place he would have been around for longer.

It just comes down to this: You don't tell John Tortorella what to do with his team. All of us here in New York know of his heated battles with Journalist Larry Brooks. the fact of the matter is, he stands up for his boys, and he sticks by his players. I mean c'mon.. he had a lot to say about Avery, but always defended him when he wasn't in the wrong.  I have no problem with what torts does, because he brings teams together. What Glen said about the guys in New York is a farce, I have never seen that team as unified as they were, under Tortorella.

The thing I like most from Torts is he's the one telling it the way it is. There's no BS, there's no fluff, its all out on the table, for the brief time there is an interview. His, "If i wanted any lip from you, I'd jiggle my zipper," attitude needs to be taken on by a lot of coaches in this league. Yeah he's got his faults, but the guy coaches, and he's a great coach. He brings teams together and makes them play better, that's what a coach does. So Glen Healy, shut up. If you want to know what's going on, be a coach, not an analyst.

Quick note: found this, thought it'd be good for a laugh. I wonder if he was class president?