Friday, October 11, 2013

Joe Thornton with the Celly of the year, League news.

So.. In a post game interview, Joe Thornton couldn't help but over hear an interview between Patrick Marleau and a reporter. She asked Marleau, "Do you think Hertl was showboating a bit." To which Thornton epically responded, "Shut up, have you ever played the game? I'd have my cock out if I scored four goals. I'd have my cock out strokin' it." 

Celly level = LEGENDARY. 

I can't believe Thornton actually had the stones to say that to a reporter. Afterwards a few reporters had words with coach Todd McLellen and asked him about what Thornton said to which he responded,"(chuckle) you've never been in an NHL locker room before?" Props to coach for laughing that one off. 

Staying with the Sharks, Vancouver defensemen Alex Edler will miss three games for a controversial hit on Sharks Forward Tomas Hertl. Knew that one was coming.. doesn't surprise me that it comes from a team like Torts' Canucks. Sharks took this one 4-1, even without a contribution from Hertl. The kid had to know it was coming.. so did the rest of the squad. You don't go out there and do that to a team as a rookie, and than expect to be treated like an all-star. Fact: players in the NHL gun for another teams all-stars. Thats why I wasn't that upset about what Adam Oates had to say about the young Czech forward.  Kinda surprised Edler didn't get more for this but either way.. here's the hit in case you missed it: 

Patrick Kaleta is also facing a hearing for his hit on Columbus defensemen Jack Johnson. Good on Boll for stepping up, gotta love that. What would have been even better would be if Dubinsky rolled up, mustache and all. Kaleta should see significant time for this. Clear head shot, and you can see him crack Johnson in the jaw with ease. According to, since the league offered Kaleta an in person meeting, they can suspend him for a minimum of five games. Not like the Sabres are going to miss him anyways.. they stink. Here's the video:

So last night, Steven Stamkos recorded his sixth shutout in his young career.  Whilst this was happening, my roommate was pondering who to drop on his fantasy roster, to pick up an extra goalie. Knowing I had the #1 waiver pick up (because my team is far superior to the rest), I egged him on to drop Stamkos, and it was working. That is until his phone rang with a ESPN scorecenter update, "duh na na duh na na Stamkos records 6th shutout.." He smiled and politely dropped Mike Ribiero. Fuck. Anyways.. I just have a feeling this guy is going to pump out some goals this year. Like 60. Ok that's a little much.. but he's got the talent to do it, I wouldn't be surprised if he reaches 50 again, but hit 60 so I can look good. Bolts route the Panthers 7-1, and there's still no time table for Thomas' return. 

Jonathan Bernier recorded his first career shutout as a Leaf, and I think it's safe to say that James Reimer is going to be sitting in the corner with a dunce cap for a while. The two are just light years apart, and Bernier has a decent defense in front of him, and a more than capable offense. There's no reason he shouldn't play well this year, and there's no reason he SHOULDN'T be starting in Toronto. J.S. Gigurere recored a shut out last night as well, against the runners up for the cup. Pretty impressive.. He's a sneaky goalie.. Since becoming a backup, he's only posted two losing records since 2009 and has had a save % of .90 or above since the beginning of his career. Varlamov and Giggy are a nice 1-2, and it's paying off. 

Chirp Hard on sunday, 11 PM eastern, 8 Pacific, come talk shit. One more thing, Matt Duchene is REALLY fast: